Market Research

Understanding your consumer at the “CORE” is critical to creating experiences that will delight him or her and keep them returning for more!

Services Provided

Consumer Insight Understanding: Who are you marketing to? What are they interested in allow us to help you identify the essence of your proposition.

Focus Group Design, Facilitation: Discussion with consumers to understand needs wants can be executed at any point of a project.

Quantitative Consumer Assessment Design and Execution:Conduct large base consumer feedback to confirm / seal the deal on the idea.

Product Claims Support Test Design: Does your product deliver on it’s core benefit / deliver the message? Contact us to design best way to support message.

Product Communication Material Development: Once you have an idea or product, need to sell it to others, we can help create the appropriate 2D materials, guide demo and prototype creation.

Market Trend Analysis: Where is the next best idea? Understanding areas outside of your core space can help create out of the box thinking.

Competitive Assessments: Who’s the competition? How do they perform among your identified market? Are you superior to them?

Andrew Folts