Defining the Idea

What is the idea to be commercialized? Is it an idea that would bring broad appeal? What is the passion behind the idea? These are a few questions you should ask yourself multiple times during the idea development phase. Idea development at is best is broad. Similar to the saying do not put all your eggs in one basket, you do not want to put all your energy behind a singular idea.

Do you understand the consumer you are trying to market to? That is critical to finalizing winning ideas for launch. For example if your “CORE” consumer prefers beach vacations, then having ideas highlighting snow activities will definitely not appeal to them, now an idea that incorporates activities that can be done in both snow and beach climates could appeal not only to your “CORE” beach consumer but also pull in new snow activity consumers.

Contact Connecting to the Core today, we can guide you through the idea development phase ensuring your message is focused and speaks to your desired consumer.

Market ResearchAndrew Folts